Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau

"september" 13 2019 - "september" 15 2019

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The registration fee includes: Take-out breakfast, lunch, snacks during the day, arrival cocktail, transportation, service in case of withdrawal.

Registration fees may not be applied to the minimum amount of donations collected and are not tax deductible. In case of withdrawal, please let us know as soon as possible. The registration fees are non-refundable as of August 13, 2019 or as of the date of your level 1 sea kayaking training if it precedes August 13, 2019.

The rental of mandatory kayaking equipment is graciously offered by Boréal Design. Level 1 sea kayak training is offered for non-certified participants.

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Echelon Assurance
Lavery Avocats
Team Clara
Cuierrier & associés inc.
Ville de Montréal
Les guides
Blanc & Noir
Team Sarah & Martine
Team Dania Kayali
CEP Forensique
Ville de Montréal 2019
Velvet Thunder

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Types of registration For the Classic trek: The registration fee is $120 per person per day paddled. The minimum donation is $1,250 per kayak for each day paddled.
For the Newbie: The registration fee is $60 per person. The minimum donation is $500 per person.
*PROMOTION : Until decembre 21 4:59 pm, pay $100 per day per person for the Classic and $50 per person for the Newbie.

Select your participation date(s) If you are participating in relays, be sure to coordinate your participation dates with your teammates. Immediately contact the Fondation if you change your participation date(s) after you register.
( Possibility of the Classic course or the Newbie The Newbie takes place only on Sunday 15 )
Equipment : the Classic course  

The rental of mandatory kayaking equipment is graciously offered by Boreal Design.

Equipment : the Newbie

Equipment is available on limited quantities at no additional fee.

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