7th edition of the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau



A HUGE thank you to all our wonderful participants, volunteers, generous donors and partners of this 7th edition.
Thank you for allowing us to dream big for our children!

For our kids, every dollar makes a difference

Thanks to our participants and partners, the Circuit bleu has donated over a million dollars since its inception for research in pediatric hemato-oncology. For this revised edition due to Covid-19, we have a smaller goal, but even more concrete. We are raising $ 50,000 to fund a Therapeutic Innovation Fund (FIT) project. More specifically, this is a selected project with a significant impact on the health of children with cancer led by a star emerging researcher, Doctor Thai Hoa Tran.

For more details on this project, do not hesitate to contact us.

In these difficult times, let's paddle together towards a cancer-free future for children!


Our heroes

Become a hero to a child you will sponsor. Their courage will inspire you to dive into the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau challenge.

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Our hopeful spokespersons

Advance the cause of children with cancer by paddling alongside generous public personalities who aren’t afraid to take part in the challenge.

Mylène Paquette

Mylène Paquette

Porte-parole du Circuit bleu
Pierre Bruneau

Pierre Bruneau

Porte-parole de la Fondation
 Paul Doucet
Paul Doucet
Porte-parole de la Fondation

«When I grow up, I will be cured!»

Give true hope to more than 2,000 Quebec children with cancer by participating or making a donation to the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau. Through this simple gesture, you will help to truly increase their chances of being able to say, “When I grow up, I will be cured.”

Keep contributing to the advancement of research on cancer

More than half of children with cancer are under the age of 5 at the time of diagnosis.
Recovery rates
Since 1980, the rate of recovery from lymphoblastic leukemia has gone from 35% to more than 85%.
Cancer is the leading cause
Cancer is the leading cause of death among young people aged 1 to 18.
One person in 400
One child out of 400 is diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15.

Get to know us !

2020 winners of the Collective Paddle Award

22 September 2020

To show our appreciation and gratitude, we would like to introduce you to the teams and organizations that successfully raised $10,000 or more during the 7th edition of Circuit bleu.
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The leads participants of the 7th Circuit bleu

22 September 2020

A special word of gratitude to these 3 participants of the 7th Circuit bleu for the excellence of their commitment and for the generous contribution they made to the cause.

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Hope afloat for the 7th edition of the Circuit bleu

15 September 2020

Pierre Bruneau and Paul Doucet, both spokespersons for the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, announced at the end of the day yesterday, in front of a small group, the sum of $220,000 raised during the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau. » read more

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