Ideas to reach your fundraising goal

Here are a few ideas for simple strategies you can adopt to boost your fundraising efforts and meet your objective more easily.

Organize a fundraising activity at work

  • Stage a contest between employees/departments. Determine who raises the most and present an award (e.g., movie tickets) to the winner.
  • Require employees who arrive late to a meeting to give a donation.
  • Denim Day: Earn the right to wear jeans in exchange for a donation ($5/employee; $10 $/manager; $20/senior manager).
  • “Empty your pockets”: Invite employees to drop the change in their pockets in large containers set up beside the elevators.
  • Use internal communications tools to promote the involvement of the company and its employees in the cause: website, company newsletter, etc.
  • Integrate a fundraising activity into the framework of an existing activity for employees (golf, 5-à-7, dinner, etc.).
  • “Half-half” contest: By purchasing tickets, employees earn a chance to win half of the total amount raised.

Solicit your network of contacts

  • Add the email signature in your toolbox (once connected to your profile) to your current signature and direct your contacts to your online profile.
  • Solicit clients/suppliers/ employees by mailing out a letter with a donation form or sending an email with a link to the online donation website.
  • Plan a bowling event and secure the collaboration of the owner of the establishment.
  • Bake some cookies and sell them at a fixed cost, or solicit donations, explaining where the money goes and demonstrating the progress in the donations collected from one day to the next. Repeat the activity if colleagues /friends ask for the recipe.
  • Organize a spaghetti dinner, but keep track of your costs! The goal is to raise as much money as possible at the lowest possible cost.
  • Organize a “hot-dog party”: Ask your grocer to sponsor you by providing the buns and sausages, and invite your neighbours to participate. Tell people about your cause in order to raise awareness.
  • Ask colleagues or friends to challenge you in exchange for a donation. You’d be surprised at how much money you can raise playing this little game! Many will want to challenge you to make you look silly, but it will pay off!
  • Organize a garage sale or a bazaar so that others can reuse items that are no longer of use to you (books, clothes, electronics, furniture, etc.). You’ll make people happy without even noticing!
  • Stage a sports activity at a venue loaned to you at no cost (hockey evening in a neighbourhood arena, relay race, yoga in support of the Fondation, etc.).

Use social media networks

  • Another way to let friends and colleagues know that you’re involved in a cause is to share photos or statuses on various social media networks and integrate the link to your personal page so that people can donate to you directly online. Use the hashtag #Circuitbleu and tag the Fondation (@fcharlesbruneau) in your postings.